Converse Rubber Tracks returns to Buenos Aires with new sessions throughout Summer 2016. This time, each band selected for sessions will receive two day of free recording time at Studio El Pie.

El Pie Studio

World-class gear and design make this studio one of the best in all of Latin America. The control room runs on a pristine Solid State Logic SL4040G+ console, whose precise acoustic treatment provides perfectly flat and accurate sound monitoring. The studio is also equipped with comprehensive collection of analog and digital processors, ranging from legendary compressors to classic reverbs, delays and effect units. Both analog and digital recording are options for artists, thanks to a fully loaded ProTools rig and a classic Studer A800 MKIII  tape machine. Over in the live room,  band will find a wide and flexible recording environment that can accommodate any size group, including full orchestras and choirs. A perfect place for any band looking to expand and refine their sound.

Applications for recording dates are closed.


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