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We’re back in Austin for our fifth straight year of giving local artists free professional studio time. This year the sessions are taking place in the world-class rooms at 12th Street Sound.

Built in the shell of an old church, 12th Street Sound is a high-end recording studio with inspiring features both inside and out. The church’s new interior features a spacious live room, multiple isolation booths, and a control room designed for max comfort and acoustic accuracy.

The studio is equipped with a 64-input SSL 9000J console and loaded with classic, time-tested outboard gear. Perfect for any artist looking to take their sound to the next level.

For these sessions, we’re bringing in one of Austin’s finest: Spoon frontman Britt Daniel will choose one artist to join in the studio for a two-day recording session. All signups will automatically be considered for sessions with Britt. 

Recording Dates: March 13 – March 19. 

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Studio Use

If you and/or your band is accepted by Converse, in Converse's sole discretion, to use its Rubber Tracks music studio you will be allowed to use its Rubber Tracks music studio for a set allotted time. If you and/or your band is accepted by Converse to use its Rubber Tracks music studio to record, mix, and edit your music you will be required to sign certain releases and waivers which contain some of the terms and conditions outlined below.


Songs must be original and written by you (certain instances of music written by other people may be ok we can talk about that). You will own the music you create, but Converse may ask you for the right to use it - here are some of the ways: Hosting and streaming on the Internet for a defined period of time (just so we're on the same page, Internet means Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Converse websites and any other websites Converse feels is appropriate.); Making it available for Internet listeners to download for free also for a defined period of time; include on a compilation as a free gift-with-purchase; industrial purposes; and Converse can use the music internally forever.

Photos and Video

While in the music studio, Converse may take photos and video of you creating your music. Converse will own all rights to the photos and video and may ask for your permission to use them for digital content, marketing, advertising, or other purposes.

Age Restrictions

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or parent while in the music studio and the parent or legal guardian will be required to sign the all releases and waivers for the minor in their care.

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